1. Using Machine Learning To Navigate The Paradigm Shift In Fintech

    Unlike other portmanteaus in the English language (think “smog” or “brunch”), the definition for “fintech” — financial technology — is evolving, due largely to the machine learning that is increasingly driving it. Refinements in the structure and application of AI algorithms and robo…Read More

  2. How AI and Machine Learning Are Giving Wealth Managers an Edge

    Robo-advisors are taking the investment world by storm. A low-cost alternative to a personal financial advisor, robo-advisors provide automated investment advice and asset management to the masses. The AI behind these automated investment platforms is changing the way the industry serves its clients…Read More

  3. How can AI help to solve the problems with MPT?

    Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is a hypothesis about investment theory that Harry Markowitz published in 1952. Since that time, Markowitz’s theory has been one of the most influential forces in finance for both academics and practitioners. Markowitz asserted that risk-averse investors could constru…Read More

  4. Achieving Alpha Using Smart Beta

    Investment strategy is kind of like Greek alphabet soup. The beta component represents an investor’s return on a passive portfolio that simply earns a risk-adjusted return when compared to the overall market. On the other hand, active portfolios have managers who try to beat beta by earning a high…Read More