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Artificial Intelligence Driven Research for Traders and Investment Managers

We use unique Artificial Intelligence Models Designed to Analyze Alternative Data sets and generate Predictive Trading Signals and Research Data


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About Us

artificial intelligence as a service

Our mission is to use artificial intelligence to add value to unique data and turn it into actionable insights for investment managers. These signals help traders and investment managers manage risk and generate alpha. We leverage proprietary AI models designed through collaboration with our world-class AI experts, technologists, and institutional investment managers. Our clients use our forecasts that are x% successful in the prediction direction and magnitude of market movement.

Data Products


Artificial intelligence driven price and volatility signals on Wilshire 5000 US Equities for short/mid term. With price predictions being a measure of reward and volatility being a proxy of risk, this dataset provides the ideal foundation for advanced trading strategies to improve on their reward/risk metrics.

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Neo +

TrueRisk Labs developed the Neo dataset utilizing powerful machine learning algorithms to uncover non-linear patterns, which are employed in the construction of three actionable trading signals for institutional portfolio managers; these identify the fundamental strength/weakness of an equity, prediction of inflection points, and measurement of directional momentum.

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Morpheus +

The Morpheus dataset was constructed with the retail investor in mind, building on TrueRisk’s advanced AI foundation and providing trading signals for individual investors. Morpheus provides signals about the strength of an equity’s fundamentals, money-flow triggers, and a measure of relative strength versus an equity’s peer group.

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artificial intelligence as a service

TrueRisk Labs generates long and short equity trading signals through an ensemble suite of algorithms that are constantly evolving to changing market conditions and build upon the foundations of prudent fundamental and quantitative analysis. We data mine a trove of financial and non financial data (fundamental, technical, patterns, global economic data, sentiment analysis data among others) to find out non-linear patterns with high predictive power. Our metrics are the culmination of human and artificial intelligence, combining industry best investment and trading practices with the ability to unearth insights from our models that are constantly learning. Our deep-learning algorithms are self-adaptive in nature and are highly efficient, uncovering non-linear patterns in traditional and alternative datasets to create a unique predictive offering.